Boarding School in the NW England (Kingsmead)

Kingsmead School

Kingsmead School is located in Hoylake, Wirral, a seaside residential town known for golf and leisure activities in the North-West of England. Manchester International airport and Liverpool are within a 30-45 minute drive. Kingsmead School provides education from kindergarten level to upper secondary level. The rich cultural experience and the quiet and spacious environment in Kingsmead make it an ideal place for study. Pupils are encouraged to explore their potentials, academic and otherwise, through a high-quality curriculum, supported by a well-qualified teaching team and personalized pastoral care.  The numerous extra-curricular activities can help new international students adapt to the multicultural community.

Our Education Services

Partnering with Kingsmead School, PAS helps students with admission application and provides families with assistance in communicating with the school, accommodation arrangements, guardianship referrals and visa applications, etc. After students arrive in Kingsmead, we also help families monitor their children’s learning, and if appropriate, provide private tuition for English, Chinese and Mathematics during the transition period. By enrolling in the private tuition service with us, not only can students improve their English in the shortest amount of time and adapt to the English-medium curriculum, but the continued Chinese language education also paves a way for students that wish to (return and) further their studies in Hong Kong and China. Depending on students’ English, proficiency, bilingual (English and Chinese) instructions are used in our tuition. In addition, PAS also cares about students’ whole-personal development in the UK, providing appropriate academic support, guidance and counselling as required.

Facilities in Kingsmead

Student boarding facilities, canteens, library, grass football pitch, indoor swimming pool, etc.

Extra-curricular activities
Kingsmead students
Boarding students’ room